The Slot Card Exchange

Created and managed by Robert Baker, author of The Slot Card Guide

This website was created for casino slot card collectors, providing an index of  various web resources plus a list of individual collectors offering cards for sale or trade via their own website or online markets.

If you have any information we can add to the index just contact me via email:

Slot Card Web Resources:


SlotCardGuide     The Slot Card Guide with listings for over 24,440 cards worldwide

card scans and information are added on the ChipGuide when add to this guide,

all entries have a CG# that is a hot link to the images stored on the ChipGuide

The 17.2 Edition is the latest version, released in July 2022

Also available is an electronic copy of the book: "Mississippi Casino Slot Cards"

by Jim Munding and Bob Gable from 2004.


ChipGuide             Extensive scans and information on all casino collectibles worldwide

by the Museum of Gaming History and the Casino Collectibles Association (CCA),

provides a mechanism for CCA members to track their collection, want list and traders


SlotCardBBS         Bulletin board for slot card and room key collectors

info on all new USA entries are posted here when added to the Slot Card Guide


ChipBoard             Bulletin board for all casino collectible information although primarily chips


CCA                           Main website for the Casino Collectibles Association (CCA)


MOGH                     Main website for the Museum of Gaming History


Colnect                    General collectibles website with a specific casino card section

Collect - Connect


eBay                          eBay - online auction/sale site

Slot Card category


Delcampe                Delcampe - online collectibles auction site

Modern Collectible Cards - Slot card category


BCW                          BCW - collector supplies

Storage boxes, pages and more



Personal Slot Card Websites / Marketplaces

Robert Baker:  ( - Sewell, NJ

         Collecting all slot cards worldwide & author of the Slot Card Guide

         Slot Card Administrator for the ChipGuide

       - (personal website)

          list of available Harrah's prefixes plus extensive links to additional Delcampe listings

       - Delcampe slot card listings (rbakerpc) - over 13,000 listings, latest additions shown first

          you do not have to have a Delcampe account, you can buy or trade direct

                    - Show only the RARE Slot Cards on Delcampe

                    - Show only the FOREIGN Slot Cards On Delcampe

        - Current eBay auctions (rbakerpc)

        - Current eBay auctions (slotcardexchange)



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